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Child Support

Parents of a child have a statutory obligation to financially support that child. A parent cannot waive child support. Whether or not child support is due to be paid to or by a parent depends on various factors including the amount of time a child is with a parent, the financial circumstances of that parent, and other components.

Often, a parent will open a case with the California Department of Child Support Services. Information about this department can be found at: www.childsup.ca.gov. This governmental agency works with parents and guardians to establish a court order for support and to enforce it.

In other cases, parents will come to an agreement with each other about how much support should be paid. If the parents do come to an agreement, it is best to get that agreement in writing. It is generally best to get a court order for that agreement.

A skilled local attorney can help a parent get the necessary court orders for child support and handle enforcement of such orders.